Plain English IT Security Step-By-Step Guidance
to ensure you are not an easy target.

Don’t let a simple cyber attack destroy it.

You don’t want to be an IT security expert.

But you also don’t want to be an easy target.

You work for yourself.

Your income depends on your professional reputation.

You want to take reasonable steps to protect it.

A Secure Foundation (Solo Edition) will show you how to do it without losing your sanity.

You need to manage your own security.

But you also need to ensure your team are doing their bit.

You need everyone to understand their obligations, so they’re not your weakest link.

A Secure Foundation (Team Edition) will show you how to do it as quickly and effectively as possible.

(These testimonials are genuine, even though the images are not!)

CEO, Small consulting practice

Financial Services Consultant​

Fintech Advisor is a service developed and supported by Code in Motion.

At Code in Motion, we help regulated financial services firms to demonstrate that they are taking reasonable steps to manage the risks of a cyber attack.

While working with our clients, we frequently encounter consultants / solo professionals and small teams who are doing great work in their areas of expertise, but who do not have access to cyber security expertise.

They don’t want to be security experts. They just want to know they are not easy targets.

MySecurityGuide shows solo professionals and small teams how to do this as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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